Bespoke IoT solutions




How we work

Our IoT solutions guarantee continuous asset tracking, production monitoring and intelligent automation. We can guide you through the whole platform implementation process, explain anything that is unclear and help you with IoT piloting. We are your partner in solution architecture.


We analyse your needs


We interpret device data
into the world of IoT

Pilot testing

We connect the first devices
and test the solution


You can make full use of the IoT
platform and connect new devices


We can support you in building platforms responsible for asset tracking as well as data collection and analysis. Those systems enables you to monitor the locations and movements of specific resources at a specific time. It means that when you log each piece of equipment, you can efficiently and precisely track its location in a centralised system.

As a result, asset tracking leads to the improved performance of your processes and increases their ease of use.


Installing smart solutions, such as smart metering, guarantees continuous device monitoring and analysis of measurements and readings.

Metering systems can provide more detailed information, for example on energy consumption. Meters record data and transfer it directly to the console, so you can manage devices plus analyse measurements and readings in real time.

We remain your partner, rather than a service provider.

We offer you scalable
IoT solutions

and capabilities tailored to your business infrastructure.

We are versatile
- just like Azure solutions

that cover every aspect of design. We will help you increase efficiency and develop intelligent solutions in your business.

Access to information
stored in one place,

problem solving in real time and notifications on mobile devices – these are just some of the capabilities of the solutions we recommend.

We stay in touch
with you.

You can be sure that we will remain an active partner for you and that our IoT solutions will be provided on time.

Our partners

mesh systems

Partner Mesh Systems

Thanks to our close relationship with Mesh Systems, we are sure that the solutions we provide are of a high quality, saving you time as well as reducing the risks and costs associated with the implementation of new solutions.

mesh systems

Partner Microsoft

Our long-term partnership with Microsoft and the competencies we have acquired allow us to effectively use cloud platforms and advanced calculation tools, which are indispensable in the developing digital environment.

mesh systems


A close relationship with ISCAS allows us to provide end-to-end solutions in the Industrial field, thanks to which our clients are under comprehensive care.

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